Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

RSR Autographs LLC's headquarters and warehouse is located in Manistique, MI with additional team members located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Oklahoma.

What is your refund policy?

RSR Autographs LLC's refund policy can be located here.

What is your shipping policy?

RSR Autographs LLC's shipping policy can be located here.

What is the relationship between RSR Autographs LLC and Team RSR?

RSR Autographs LLC is a startup venture consisting of a small team of family and friends. We refer to ourselves, and our supporters, as being part of Team RSR.

Will you be carrying other products for securing and protecting trading cards?

Yes. At present, RSR Autographs LLC does not have additional card protection products available (sleeves, top loaders, etc.), however we have plans to offer them for sale on our website in the future.

Do you offer different colors for the trading card autograph holder?

Not at this time. RSR Autographs LLC offers our trading card autograph holder in one color, however we will expand on color options as we continue to build on the product line.

Do you offer smaller or larger trading card autograph holders?

Not at this time. RSR Autographs LLC has received a lot of feedback regarding offering trading card autograph holders that can accommodate more or less cards than our current design and we are exploring this option for future product design concepts.

How do I use the trading card autograph holder or adjust the pen holder?

We have instructions and tutorial for using the trading card autograph holder here.